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For several years Julie has been on a journey that has opened her eyes to beautiful people from the nations and has taken her as an "armchair traveler" to the ends of the earth.  It all began when her father and mother met a special international friend at a store in Omaha, Nebraska.  The visiting international  and her parents became fast friends as God seemed to knit their hearts together.  From that time forward, their eyes began to open as more and more special friends from around the world began to make their way to United States, and some to Omaha Nebraska. They thought they could help welcome them.  The truth is, meeting these friends has changed their lives forever for the better.



Nathan moved to Omaha, Nebraska in 2010 and has served with Global Friends since 2014. He loves laughing with friends, learning new words or phrases in another language, or getting the opportunity to help a student find answers to questions. Things he dislikes include ladders, dance floors, walking on a roof, and cottage cheese. Nathan loves to travel and has had the privilege to visit a few European countries, Zambia, and the Dominican Republic. He enjoys reading, so if you are looking for a book to read please feel free to ask him for a suggestion! 





Carrie calls Ohio home, but spent most of her childhood in Maryland and New York. She went to Toccoa Falls College in Georgia and has been living in Omaha since 2016. She loves hanging out and seeing new sights with international friends, traveling, and eating bread from just about any country! 



Ashley is from a small town in central Minnesota. She graduated from Crown College with a degree in International Studies and moved to Omaha shortly after that. Ashley loves travel, cultures, and making friends.